This was a small project that we started because I thought I might share my knowledge and experience with you all(not to mention I thought it would be cool to have a website!!). So what you see is the result of that, I hope that you find something on here helpful.
I sort of started with the idea of tutorials but I found myself writing about technical problems that I have to, that’s why you will see things about all sorts of different problems. This has been a learning experience the website building I mean and I have broken it and had to fix it already but I guess that’s just how you learn by fixing broken things. So all of you fix some broken things and learn something.

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You can email me at heresjaken @ gmail (dot) com (sorry about the way it is written but it is to avoid spammers)

You can also check out some projects I been involved in on my spiceworks project profile

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  • Thank you HeresJaken, your solution for Windows reinstall problem with restarted loops are so excellent, I have my computer back now without paying 100$s of repairing fee, I am so happy to donated a dollar to you, it is absolutely a bargain, good works, please continue , thank you again..


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