How to work out Azure Pricing

How to work out Azure Pricing

When you are first looking at taking the dive and using Microsoft Azure you will want to be able to figure out how much it is going to cost. There is the Azure Pricing Calculator that you can use to get pricing but this calculator is not 100% accurate.

The acutal price of Azure services changes depending on where you are going to store the servers(meaning which data center or data centers). If you want completely accurate pricing you can look at the Azure Pricing Pages for a more accurate picture of how much your cloud solution will cost.

Watch this video where I show you how to figure out how much azure actually costs.

When you are tying to figure out how much Azure costs make sure you have the solution you want to achieve clearly defined, you will need to know:

  • Where you want your services stored
  • What services you want to use(servers, web hosting, app services, storage, backup, etc)
  • How much data you are going to store
  • Estimate of the bandwidth requirments
  • How are you going to connect to these services(open ports, VPN, etc)
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