Installing my new SSD

So recently i have purchased a sandisk extreme solid state drive 120GB. I am actually installing windows on it as I write this post.

I have decided to upgrade my system by doing this because honestly I am sick of waiting five minutes for my PC to boot, it should not take that long it is a good computer. My computer is an i7 with 8GB of ram so it should be reasonably quick. Which it is just not at boot time when it needs to read a lot of data. To determine that it was my hard disk that was to slow for my system once my computer booted I quickly opened the resource monitor and it showed my hard drive working at 100% while every thing else was at 5 – 10%.

I chose the sandisk extreme SSD because of the price per GB I got it for $100AU which is less than $1 per GB and in my opinion that is an excellent price.


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