What is SSD?

An SSD is a solid state drive. This type of storage device has no moving parts and uses flash memory to store your data. This is the same principle as a USB memory stick but on steroids!!! The SSD can access random parts of its memory without having to move any parts to find it. This means that you can access/read and write your data quicker than a conventional hard drive. These drives are more expensive than a conventional hard drives and don’t have as much storage capabilities.

What is HDD?

HDD stands for Hard Drive Disk commonly referred to as a hard drive. Inside your hard drive you have a disk that spins around and it gets written on much the same way as a CD or DVD, though a hard drive is much more solid and durable than a CD/DVD. Hard drives can have multiple disks called platers and they are where the data is written to. To get information from your hard drive the disk needs to spin and the heads must move to the sector of the hard drive that the data is located. HDD can





Attribute SSD HDD
Cost Expensive averaging around $1.30 a GB Cheap averaging around 10 cents a GB
Storage capacity Relitively small up to 512GB Large 4TB(same price)
Boot time Around 20 seconds around 40 seconds
Noise No sound Some sound and vibrations
Read/Write speeds 200-500MB per seconds 50-100MB per second
Speed to open file 30%+ faster than HDD Lower than SSD
Failure rate average of 2 million hours average of 1.5 million hours
Effects of magnets No effect can erase data


So in conclusion it all depends on what you need, how much your willing to spend and what you want, hope this information was helpful to you and if you have any suggestions or question feel free to comment.

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