How to print through TeamViewer 8 session

Teamviewer is a wonderful tool that is free for use in non-commercial use. This allows you to remotely access your computer. Teamviewer also has the ability to print a document that is opened on the remote computer to a printer attached to the local computer.You can download teamviewer from here.To activate teamviewer’s remote printing function, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the remote computer
  2. Select “Extras” in the top right side of the window then the Remote printing
  3. The TeamViewer printing dialog box will open.
  4. Click the Continue button. This will install the TeamViewer print driver on the remote computer. This only has to be done once per a computer, next time it won’t prompt you to install the driver.
  5. You have now successfully activated remote printing. All printers available on the local computer can be used by the remote computer. Sometime it can take a minute to load the printers onto the remote computer.

Once TeamViewer remote printing has been activated, the printers available to the local computer can be selected in the print dialog boxes and control panel on the remote computer. TeamViewer remote printing printers are labeled with via TeamViewer.

To run a print job, follow these steps:

  1. Open the document you would like to print on the remote computer.
  2. Open the Print dialog box.
  3. Select a printer ending with via TeamViewer.
  4. Start the print job.
  5. The document will print out on the selected printer at the local computer

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3 thoughts on “How to print through TeamViewer 8 session

  • This is super helpful. Thanks! Can I ask you a question? When I use Teamviewer to access my desktop computer from my laptop and I print something to the desktop printer, the dekstop computer starts to buzz loudly. I’ve only tried this while using the laptop in the same room as the remote computer. Once I disconnect, it stops. Do you know what it could be or how to stop it? Maybe it wouldn’t happen if there were more distance between the computers? Thanks for your help!

  • when i am at the remote computer (Florida) and accessing Q books on the home computer (Ohio) how do i print at the remote location?


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