8 easy steps to setting up your home router and internet connection

Today you will be learning how to connect to the internet through your ADSL router or modem.

What you will need

ADSL Router
Internet connection and details from ISP(internet services provider)

Make sure that your internet provider has told you that the internet has been connected. Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks to happen.
So you have all the information from your ISP? On it there should be a user name and password, vpi and vpc, encapsulation and multplexing. All of this information is needed for your connection to be established if there is a typo your internet will not connect so make sure everything is typed in correctly.

Always remember to press the save button before navigating away from a page in the router console as routers will forget what has been put into them unless it has been saved.

Step 1

You will neet to connect your router/modem to a computer and into the phone line. make sure that the phone line is connected into the right port, the phone line port will be smaller then the computer port.

Step 2

Power on the router, make sure that the lights on it are lit up and that the light for line is also lit(that indicates it is connected to the phone line)

Step 3

Go on the computer/laptop that you have connected to the router bad make sure that it is configured to obtain an IP address automatically.
Go to command prompt and type in “ipconfig /all” this will give you your ip information. Find default gateway of local area connection. Note down the number.

Step 4

Open an internet browser and type in the default gateway address (the number that you noted down) and press enter. This will direct you to the router.

Step 5

Type in the username and password. If you dont know it it will most likely be the default username and password for your router, this will be on the paperwork that you recieved when you bought your router. If you do not have the paperwork then you can look them up on http://www.routerpasswords.com/.

Step 6

Now you will be inside your router console you need to enter all of the details into here in the fields that correspond with the details that you have got from your ISP. Then make sure you save your internet connection settings or you will lose them when you navigate away from the page.

Step 7

Find the test connection button and test your internet connection. If everything is set correctly then it will tell you it is s success.
If this returns a failure then ‘re-enter your internet settings and test again, if it still does work that’s when I would contact the internet service provider and get them to help you (don’t feel bad about ringing them that is what they are paid to do)

Step 8

Most modern routers will have settings by default to automatically dial the internet connection(or connect to internet automatically) but you still should look for this setting and set your router to automatically connect. Make sure you save your settings.

Now you are connected to the internet and you should be able to browse the internet through your browser, so go ahead and look up heresjaken and all of your other favorite websites.

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