How to find drivers that are missing from your computer

Is there a device that is connected to your computer that is not working properly, maybe you don’t have wireless networks or your Bluetooth isn’t working. You may have missing drivers. You should be able to find the drivers from the manufacturers website

To check to see what devices are connected to your computer you need to go to device manager. You can get there by typing “device” into the “search programs and files” search bar in the start menu, or you can right click on my computer and select the “manage” option.

Device manager
Two options of how to get into device manager

Once you are in the device manager you will see(or hopefully not see if all is good) some yellow items on the pictures

The missing drivers will look like this

Next we need to identify the what the device actually is. How do we do this if it just says unknown device?

First we need to right click on the device with no driver and select properties. Now this is where one of the best tools available comes into play.. google.

Result from google

You should get some links explaining more and then you need to sort through them and find out what the hardware is. Once you find what the hardware is that the driver is missing from then you need to download it from the “official” support page




Happy hunting hope this helps you find your missing drivers

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