Sending Email Sending From Outlook reported error (0x800CCC13) After Windows 10 Upgrade

If you have had Outlook 2013 installed before upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1 you may get the following error when trying to send email

Sending reported error (0x800CCC13): Cannot connect to the network. Check your network connection or modem

To fix the Outlook error 0x800CCC13 you will need to run the following command from an administrative command prompt

To do this type in cmd in the start menu, then right click on the command prompt icon and select run as administrator.

cmd as administrator

Then type in:

sfc /scannow 

Now you should be able to send emails from Outlook 2013 on your Windows 10 computer without getting the error Sending reported error (0x800CCC13): Cannot connect to the network. Check your network connection or modem.

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How to allow Remote Desktop Connections to Windows 10

Remote connections to your Windows 10 computer will not be enabled by default, to be able to connect to your computer using RDP you will need to enable remote connections

If you are not sure on how RDP works read this introduction to Remote Desktop Protocol.

To enable RDP on your Windows 10 computer follow these steps:

  • Click in the search field
  • Type in System Information
  • Select the System Information icon
  • Select the Advanced System settings on the left hand side of the console
  • Select the tab that says Remote
  • Then select allow remote connections to this computer

Now you will be able to connect into the computer using RDP.


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How to change Windows 10 password

Changing your password in Windows 10 is a bit different than in the older versions of Microsoft Windows.

To change your password you will need to:

  • Click in the search box next to the start button
  • Type in the word password
  • Select Change your password under settings
  • Select either change or add
  • Type in the new password
  • Hit OK

Now next time you login you will need to use your new password.

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How to setup multiple touchscreens in Windows 8

When using multiple monitors the touch screens may not actually be detected as touch screen displays or it may think that the input for one touchscreen is the other so when you touch one touch display then it will react on the other one.

This is because the touchscreens require configuration, to calibrate the touch screen settings in windows 8 you need to:

  • Open the Control Panel (You can do this by right clicking on the start menu and selecting control panel)
  • In the search bar(at the top right hand corner of the control panel) type in “Tablet PC Settings” and press enter
  • Then select “Tablet PC Settings” in the main window
  • This will open the Tablet PC Settings panel, inside this panel click the Setup button
  • Then you will need to touch the displays that it tells you to

Now your touchscreens are setup and you will be able to use them properly.

Configure touch screens in windows 8

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OST cannot be accessed because it is configured for a different mailbox error

ost file cannot be accessed because it has been configured for use with a different mailbox

I got this error after moving someone from a local Exchange 2003 server to Office 365.

When you open outlook you will get a message saying:

The file C:\Users\<username>\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\<emailaddress>.ost cannot be accessed because it has been configured for use with a different mailbox. 

From what I can figure out it is because it another exchange account with the same name but different credentials and on a different server but still using the same profile so outlook tries to use the same OST file.

How to fix the OST cannot be accessed error

To fix this issue what you need to do is configure a different email profile. To do this follow these steps:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Select Mail
  • Select Profiles
  • Add a new profile
  • Give the profile a name and hit OK
  • Then connect your email account using the correct credentials

Now when you open Outlook it should sync up with Exchange or Office 365.

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PPTP VPN Blocks Internet Connection on Windows 10

After setting up a PPTP VPN from my new Windows 10 computer I couldn’t get internet access.

So I tested to make sure it wasn’t just DNS playing up and pinged but no good.

ping from Windows 10

So I tested pinging my default gateway and that worked, so then I tested pinging the default gateway of the remote network that I was connected to via the VPN and that also worked.

So I figured it must have something to do with Windows 10 not allowing split tunnels by default.

Configure Split Tunnel In Windows 10 PPTP VPN

You must be connected to the PPTP VPN for the network settings below to be available, if you are not connected to the VPN from Windows 10 then the network settings will not work.

Go to network and sharing center, you can get here by right clicking the network icon on the taskbar and selecting “Open Network and Sharing center”

Network and sharing center windows 10

Select “Change adapter settings”

Right click on the PPTP VPN connection and select properties

Select “Networking” on the top menu

Select “Internet Protocol Version 4(IPv4)” and click the “Properties” button

Another window will open, in this windows select “Advanced”

Tick the box that says “Use default gateway on remote network” and hit “OK”

advanced vpn settings windows 10


Now you will be able to browse the internet through the VPN on Windows 10.

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Connect to Office365 from Windows 7 with PowerShell

PowerShell is an incredibly powerful tool that for Windows Sysadmins is a must. Once you start using it you will not stop.  Microsoft does not give you access to the back end management software for Exchange so PowerShell is a must if you are going to use Office365 for a business.

Windows 7 by default will not let you connect to Office365 via PowerShell so there are a few steps that you will need to take before you can start using Powershell to manage your Office365 domain.


Now you should be able to connect to Office365 via Powershell in Windows 7. To do this run the following script:

Import-Module MSOnline
$O365Cred = Get-Credential
$O365Session = New-PSSession –ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $O365Cred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection
Import-PSSession $O365Session -AllowClobber
Connect-MsolService –Credential $O365Cred

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Dual Monitors Not Lining Up Correctly

This is one of those frustrating problems that many people with multiple monitors have had and the resolution is actually quite simple

  • Right click on the desktop, click screen resolution.
  • In the dialog where you see two monitors drag them so they line up.
  • You should notice the jump increase and decrease with the alignment.
  • Ensure that the screens are lined up on the bottoms.

Done!! Now your monitors should be lined up perfectly and your mouse should move across them.

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Windows 10 Technical Preview Review and Features

Windows 10 Technical Preview is now released and is available for download. If you want you can download and install Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Microsoft has skipped a number in there naming scheme and completely missed Windows 9. There is a few different rumours about why Microsoft decided to skip the number 9 but really it doesn’t matter why because it is the same thing either way, Windows 9 is Windows 10.

For Windows 10 Desktop and Laptop users

It seems there was a lot of people that did not like Windows 8 and 8.1. Windows 10 will be a very important release for Microsoft as it will give them the chance to fix what many people think was wrong with Windows 8.

The Start Menu

So a few years ago when Microsoft released Windows 8 they wanted everybody to use the metro interface where the start menu is full screen and they said that it was just as good for touch screen users as traditional mouse and keyboard users. With Windows 10 they have melded the old style start menu and the metro into one. On the left is the traditional menu and on the right is a tiled menu.

If you do like the Metro-Style start menu there is an option to enable and disable both start menu options, I think they should have had this option in Windows 8 and is very good to see that the option to change to your own preference is very good.

windows 10 start menu

Virtual Desktops

In Windows 10 you have the option to use Virtual Desktops. If you are familiar with workspaces in Linux you will feel quite at home with Windows Virtual Desktops. Instead of just having one desktop per monitor you will be able to switch between multiple virtual desktops.

Improved snapping

The Snap function is also being improved, this allows windows to be easily tiles and snap into place.

Metro Apps in Desktop Windows

Rather than Windows forcing you to run your apps in full-screen mode in Windows 10 you are now able to run Metro apps on the desktop in a normal window. So now theoretically more Windows users might use Metro apps from the store. This may get more developers to make apps for the Windows Store for both Windows and Windows phone.

Improved Command Prompt

You will be able to paste using short-cut keys in the Windows 10, this is pretty good for the “geeky” people that like to get their hands dirty with scripting and stuff.

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Sending an email using PowerShell

PowerShell is proving to be a wonderful tool for Microsoft System Admins. The ability to send emails in a PowerShell script can be quite useful, you can use this simple little function to send an email from PowerShell.

You could potentially use this function to send you an email when an automatic PowerShell task runs and fails or if you want to notify yourself of something during the script.

The results of my test are below the PowerShell code.
Function SendMail{
#Set your outgoing SMTP Server, this will work as long as your server does not need authentication
$MailServer = "" #Change this to our SMTP server
#Creating a Mail object
$MailObject = new-object Net.Mail.MailMessage
#Creating SMTP server object
$SMTP = new-object Net.Mail.SMTPClient($MailServer)
#Actual email text
$MailObject.From = "[email protected]"
$MailObject.ReplyTo = "[email protected]"
$MailObject.To.Add("[email protected]")
$MailObject.subject = "This is the test email"
$MailObject.body = "Hello," + "`r`n" + `
"Powershell is sending you an email"
#Send the email

send email powershell script

Email received from my test
Email received from my test sending with PowerShell, it got filtered into spam but it worked!!
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