Evernote logoEvernote is a wonderful tool that you can use to take notes, store pictures and documents. Evernote is not officially supported in Linux, luckily there is WINE (which quite funnily stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator) which will work on other Linux distributions and also the open source community have created a lens for Unity called Everpad. This article is using Ubuntu 13.10 but that is only because Ubuntu 13.10 is the version that I have installed.

Install Evernote on Linux using WINE

Installing this way will work with other flavours of Ubuntu, like Xubuntu and Lunubtu and should also work with other linux distibutions as long as you have wine working properly.
First you will need to install WINE. To install WINE just open a terminal and run the command:

  • sudo apt-get install wine

It may take a while depending on your internet speed because the download is around 150MB.

Once WINE is installed you need to open Wine configuration. Just search wine configuration in Ubuntu search. Then under the applicaitons tab set it to “Windows 7” like in the picture below.WINE config

Now that the Windows Version is set to Windows 7 you need to download the Evernote Windows software from the Evernote download page. Once evernote is downloaded run the evernote exe file and it will install the software using Wine.

Once Evernote is installed using Wine then you just need to run it and log in.

Evernote ubuntu screenshot

Install EverPad on Linux

Everpad is a client(unofficial) made for Unity that integrates Evernote notes directly into your search bar.

Everpad screenshotTo install Everpad you need to add the repository and then install using apt-get so open a terminal and run the following commands:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install everpad

Now it is installed search for Everpad in the Unity Dash and open it. Click on the settings and management and configure your account.

Now you can search for your notes in the Unity Dash.

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Teamviewer is a wonderful tool that is free for use in non-commercial use. This allows you to remotely access your computer. Teamviewer also has the ability to print a document that is opened on the remote computer to a printer attached to the local computer.You can download teamviewer from here.To activate teamviewer’s remote printing function, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the remote computer
  2. Select “Extras” in the top right side of the window then the Remote printing
  3. The TeamViewer printing dialog box will open.
  4. Click the Continue button. This will install the TeamViewer print driver on the remote computer. This only has to be done once per a computer, next time it won’t prompt you to install the driver.
  5. You have now successfully activated remote printing. All printers available on the local computer can be used by the remote computer. Sometime it can take a minute to load the printers onto the remote computer.

Once TeamViewer remote printing has been activated, the printers available to the local computer can be selected in the print dialog boxes and control panel on the remote computer. TeamViewer remote printing printers are labeled with via TeamViewer.

To run a print job, follow these steps:

  1. Open the document you would like to print on the remote computer.
  2. Open the Print dialog box.
  3. Select a printer ending with via TeamViewer.
  4. Start the print job.
  5. The document will print out on the selected printer at the local computer
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How to install Linux Mint 15

I have installed Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon Edition.

This is quite simple to do, I have done it on a virtual machine but the process is the same on both virtual machine and also physical machine.

Just put in the CD and follow these steps.

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Kepping Kali Linux Up To Date

This should be done when you first install Kali Linux and also before you begin penetration testing you should update Kali Linux.

All you have to do is open a Terminal session then type in the following commands:

  • apt-get update
  • apt-get upgrade
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Scanning Joomla For Vulnerabilities with Kali Linux

It is very important if you are running a website to keep it secure. Using Joomscan (a program inbuilt to Kali Linux) you can scan your Joomla site for potential vulnerablilities and then work on securing them. Watch this video to find out how to use Joomscan.

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How to Install Kali Linux

Kali Linux is the newest release from Offensive Security. Kali has been released as Backtrack’s successor.

Kali Linux is packed full of penetration testing tools to test for many security vulnerabilities.

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Teamviewer free download

What is Teamviewer?

Teamviewer is a wonderful little program that allows remote access from one computer to another. This program offers the wonderful feature of actual remote control, not just remote access like RDP(Remote desktop protocol) so the person sitting at the computer you are accessing can see what you are doing and also if you allow access to somebody else you can see that they are not accessing files that you dont want them to or installing a virus or anything else that could be detrimental to your security. This is a free remote access program, free to download and use as long as you are not using it in a commercial environment.

Setup Instructions

1. Navigate to the Teamviewer download page(link is at the top of this post).

2. Download the appropriate version(32bit or 64bit)

Download the appropriate version

3. A pop-up window appears asking how you want to manage this file, select open with Ubuntu software center.

Select open with Ubuntu software center
This will appear to indicate the progress of the download

4. Once the file has downloaded it will open the Ubuntu software center automatically. You then press the install button.

5. It will then prompt you to input your password for sudo.

Input your sudo password

5. Follow prompts for first start up

Accept the license agreement


Now your Teamviewer is installed on your Ubuntu system. Enjoy!!

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