I keep seeing this question asked in forums “I updated to windows 8.1 now I cannot connect to my WiFi“.

Sometimes the wireless will say limited or no access

This is a common issue particularly with laptops with Atheros Wi-fi cards.

Now to fix this it is usually a pretty simple fix, go to the manufacturers website and download the correct drivers for your model of laptop and Windows 8.1. Once you have downloaded the latest driver install it.

This is caused because you are using a driver that is not compatible with Windows 8.1.

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I have had the opportunity to install a few Netcomm NP730 Wireless Access Points lately.

This Access Point is designed to be placed outdoors in the weather removing the need for an outdoor access point enclosure to house it. It has the outdoor access point enclosure built into it and also seals itself so no water can enter.

I have been really happy with the performance and also the durability of this Netcomm model (and I have also been impressed with all the other Netcomm products I have tried and I even use a Netcomm Wireless router at home).

One really good tool they have is the Netcomm AP Locator utility which is available for download from the official page here. This utility will locate and allow you to change the Access Points IP address from the utility so you can access the web access from your network.

It also has the ability to have multiple SSID’s linked to different VLANs!

You can also attache a bigger 5dBi antenna and 200mw inbuilt booster that will increase your wireless range

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