Now hopefully we all know the importance of a solid and tested backup for all business data. If you think it will be OK, I don’t need to backup my server it is only a month old and showing no signs that it will fall over YOU ARE WRONG.

You fill your computers and servers full of important data: pictures, financial information, client information and all other sorts of important data.

Backups Protect You From Disaster

What would you do if your business or home caught on fire or was affected by flood. Would all of your financial information be burned away in your computer because you didn’t have a proper backup.

Backups stored offsite are essential in protecting your data when the worst happens.

Backups Protect Against Accidental Deletion

In my job I cant event count the amount of times clients have said, “Some files missing from the server, could you restore them from the backup?” Basically this means somehow(usually a user) the files have been deleted.

With a strong backup system you will easily be able to restore the files from a previous backup.

Backups Protect After Theft or Break In

Theft and break ins do happen regularly, if your system is stolen or vandalized you have the risk of losing all of your data unless properly backed up.

This is one of the reasons you should always keep a copy of your backup offsite.

Backups Protect Against Malware and Viruses

Viruses can destroy your operating system and delete or destroy your data as we seen with the CryptoLocker virus which encrypted many people files.

Backups Protect Against Hardware Failure

Hardware failure does happen. You can lose your data when Hard drives fail, but if you have a solid backup process you will have a recent copy of your data to restore back after repair or a new system.


Now you know why you should do regular backups please ensure that you put one in place. Also some advise is to make sure that you store your backup somewhere offsite in case of a disaster.


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